Machines for multi-compartment PVOH-packaging

PVOH packaging is an excellent way of making pouches, filled with liquid, powder and gel. EME Engel is the leading innovator in machines for making these water soluble film pouches. 

Let’s create new ways of packing your product in PVOH. With our platforms Compact-M and Pulliq-M, it is possible to produce pouches with an outstanding seal strength, at high speed. The variety of the pouches in terms of filling and form is immense. Design your own form and combine different kinds of filling. Liquid, powder and gel, all combinations are possible.

Multi-compartment PVOH pouches in detergent market

The multi-compartment PVOH packages our platforms can make, are often applied in the detergents market. A few of the largest worldwide producers rely on EME Engel’s machinery to stay ahead in this rapidly changing market. Our platforms can switch quickly and easily to other forms and fillings and we keep inventing new solutions for our customers.

Design your own PVOH packages

We support companies by developing new next generation pouches. Our partner Tricas has a vast knowledge of water soluble film and how this film reacts to different kinds of fillings. Their specialty is designing and developing products which are feasible for mass production.

Packing your PVOH pouches

In a fast-changing market like the detergents market, it is not just the products that change quickly. Our customers value the ability to be flexible in packaging as well. With the packing platforms and rod handling systems of our partners TDC and IMAtec, we can offer turn-key solutions to all our customers.

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