Product development meets machine development

Machine development goes hand-in-hand with product development. EME-Engel machines make it possible to create new products, in terms of form and filling. In collaboration with our partners, we also give support in developing these new products.

Meet Tricas our partner in product developing

Our partner company Tricas is specialized in product development. Its core business is making designs feasible for mass production. Tricas not only can help by creating the best form, but also by implementing add-ons or coming up with new packing solutions. For example to develop child-safe pods, in a child-safe package.

Create your pod prototype with Labscale

We have mad Labscale specifically to develop new shapes in PVOH-pods. Combining this tool with a 3D-printer enables us to make prototypes of new pods. Because the accuracy of the prototype pods, made by Labscale is about 90 per cent, it gives a good idea of how well the product fits marketing and product descriptions.

How does Labscale work?

The design of the pod is transferred to a 3D-design. Based on this design a 3D-printer makes a prototype of the mould. This mould is placed in the Labscale and then water soluble foil and filling is added. This gives a good indication of whether the shape is feasible for mass production and what the ultimate shape of the compartments in the pod will look like.

More about water soluble film

PVOH-foil is a water soluble packaging material suitable for a diverse range of product types. The detergent industry has already embraced it, but it can be used in many more industries, for example disinfectants, fertilizer, chloride tablets, flooring products, fragrances, pharmaceuticals and the tobacco industry.

EME Engel is developing for next generation products

With Pulliq-M we are prepared for third and fourth generation PVOH-pouches. Our machines can already combine liquids, powders and gels in one pouch and we anticipate the need for different forms and fillings. Our machines are ready for your futuristic ideas.