Product development meets machine development

Our approach to machine development goes hand-in-hand with product development. 

We’re proud that EME Engel machine technology makes it possible to create new and innovative detergents products, both in terms of form and filling. And by collaborating with our partners, we can support the design, development and manufacture of next-generation products, from the drawing board to the marketplace, and every stage between.   

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Meet Tricas: Our Partner in Product Development

Our Tembo partner company, Tricas, specialises in product development. Using the proven crossover innovation development strategy, the team at Tricas source knowledge, materials, and technologies from one sector and apply them to a product for a different sector.

This approach delivers innovative, attractive, and commercially viable solutions.

When you work with Tricas and EME Engel, every aspect of your new product is covered. From creating the best design for mass production to developing add-ons, safe packaging solutions, and modular production lines, we’re the perfect partners to bring your product to market.

Create Pod Prototypes with Labscale

Labscale is our in-house prototyping machine.  

We made Labscale with the sole purpose of developing new PVOH pod types. Combining this tool with a 3D printer, we can produce quick and reliable pod prototypes. The accuracy of the pods made by Labscale sits at around 90%, which gives you a good idea of how well the product fits marketing and product descriptions.  

How Does Labscale Work?

The design of your pod is transferred to a 3D blueprint. We then use a 3D printer to produce an accurate prototype of the pod mould. The mould is placed in the Labscale machine and a water-soluble foil and filling are added. This process provides a good indication of whether the shape is feasible for mass production. 

Water-Soluble Film for Industrial Packaging

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH, PVA, or PVAl) is a water-soluble, biodegradable packaging material. Suitable for a range of product types, it’s perhaps most commonly used in the detergent industry. However, it can be used as a safe and effective delivery system for a variety of liquids and powders, including disinfectants, fertilizers, chlorine tablets, cleaning products, fragrances, and pharmaceuticals. It has also been used in the tobacco industry to great success.

EME Engel: Ready for Next-Generation Products

Here at EME Engel, we’re prepared for the third and fourth-generation PVOH pouches and pods. Our machines can seamlessly combine liquids, powders and gels into one handy pouch, and we’re already looking ahead to the next innovation in the packaging industry. 

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