About EME Engel and our approach

At EME Engel we have a firm belief in innovation and modification. Founded in 1930 to repair engines for ships we developed our company into an engineering company for special machinery. 

From 1958 until 2008 our main focus was on the printing industry and packing for the food industry.

First step in the PVOH-industry

When our knowledge of unwinding and rewinding foils and cutting and slitting large sheets was noticed by a detergent producer, the first step in the PVOH-industry was taken. We improved the existing PVOH-making machine and soon created our own machine platform.

Partner in a fast changing market

Our innovative approach made us an attractive partner for companies in the fast-changing market of detergents very quickly. At that time, the size of our company was not suited to provide enough platforms to the industry and deliver the service that was needed.

EME Engel becomes a Tembo company

In 2016 EME Engel joined Tembo, a collective of innovative companies. Tembo supports companies worldwide, from product development through to analyzing and improving production efficiency. Machine development is the core business.

Worldwide servicing network and technical support

By joining Tembo, our customers have the advantage of a worldwide servicing network and technical support. When needed we can scale up production and we can offer our customers turnkey solutions.

Looking forward to building great solutions

Trusting in our own expertise and working together with other Tembo companies, we are looking forward to building great solutions for our customers.

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