PVOH Pouch-Making Machinery

Here at EME Engel, innovation informs everything we do.

Throughout our history, it’s been key to finding the right balance between technical quality, performance, and price. It helps us create solutions that achieve a quick ROI. And it motivates us to build fit-to-purpose solutions, customised to your unique product specifications and conditions. 

The result is world-class machine technology. Our platforms, Salome, Compact-M, and Pulliq-M, produce water-soluble pouches in a variety of shapes and combinations, all with exceptional seal strength. Each high-speed machine has its own outstanding qualities, but they’re united by their safety, ease of use, fast changeovers, reliability, and modular, compact footprint.

And when combined with the innovation power, packing platforms and rod handling systems of our partner companies across Tembo Group, you’re guaranteed a turnkey solution to handle every aspect of production — from the initial product creation to end-of-line packaging.

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