Compact-M(A): Produce Powder or Liquid Pouches

Compact-M(A): Produce Powder or Liquid Pouches

High speed pouch-maker to produce water soluble foil pouches

The Compact-M(A) 660 is available in three versions and guarantees safe, consistent, fast and flexible pouch making. 

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Create Your Own PVOH Pouch Shape

The Compact-M(A) 660 can be set up to handle any number of distinct pod or pouch shapes. Following your unique product specifications, we can create precision molds to produce the right size and shape of compartments. 

The design of your pod is only limited by your chosen water-soluble foil and fillings. Each foil has its own characteristics that can sometimes interact with the ingredients in the filling. We’ll advise you every step of the way to find the right combination.

Produce Up to 1,000 Pouches Per Minute

At a speed of almost two rotations per minute, the Compact-M(A) 660 can produce between 400 and 1,000 pouches per minute. It’s important to note that the output depends on the type of filling used and the shape of the pouches.

Increase Efficiency with an Automatic Splicer

To increase efficiency, an automatic splicer can be placed on the Compact-M(A) 660. This add-on automatically switches rolls as soon as one roll of water-soluble foil is empty. This means the machine operator can place a new roll on the Compact-M while the platform continues to run. 

Configurations + Specifications

The Compact-M pouch-making machine can be configured to produce water-soluble foil pouches following various standards. Please contact us for detailed technical data and potential configurations.

Technical data
Versions available
200, 330, 660 (compatible with size of PVOH-rolls)
Change-over time rotating drum
15 minutes
Maximum output
1,000 pouches/minute
Automatic splicing; Servo Pumps (EME design)