Service and maintenance of machines and production lines

When you purchase machinery from EME Engel, you get more than the sum of its parts.

We guarantee optimum performance by carrying out regular, preventative maintenance and detailed inspections. Accounting for machine type and hours of operation, we spot and solve problems before they happen, keeping your production line running at maximum efficiency. 

Need help, parts, or maintenance? Call: +31 38 376 6244

Regular Maintenance, Rapid Response, Outstanding Results

To minimise downtime and maintain production efficiency, our expert team of engineers and technicians provide regular on-site maintenance, safety inspections, and remote troubleshooting. 

Replacement parts can be ordered, supplied and fitted quickly, and preventative measures taken if deemed necessary. And in emergency breakdown situations, repairs are prioritised and handled by our field service team. We can also advise your in-house engineering teams, helping you avoid similar issues in the future.  

Spare Parts, Made to Order

Whether you need a replacement part or you want a few spares just in case, you can order parts by phone or email. We can have the part delivered promptly and, if required, our field service engineers can install them on-site. 

Call +31 38 376 6244 or fill in our contact form to order your parts.

Upgrade or Relocate Your Machinery

With our range of upgrades and modifications, your production line remains flexible and future-proofed. Our innovative approach to machine design means we can skillfully enhance and extend your production line, keeping your business competitive and protecting your long-term investment. 

And if your business scales or expands into new markets, we can provide complete support by relocating machines and production lines, either on-site or elsewhere.  

Improve Performance with Gemba Solutions

In addition to our support and maintenance services, we can also help you boost the overall efficiency of your site. Together with our Tembo partner Gemba Solutions, we can make sure your production line is providing the right data to monitor and analyse machine performance. 

The consultants at Gemba can also help you interpret the data, advising you on ways to enhance performance and increase your competitive advantage.   Want to learn more? Talk to a human about our machines. Contact us here.