Salome: Future-proof modular technology for a wide range of complex products

Salome: Future-proof modular technology for a wide range of complex products

Produce More PVOH Pouches, Faster, and with Less Waste

Our partners in the detergent industry challenged us to develop a new machine concept for the fast-growing PVOH segment. With our joint approach of product and machine development, we created an efficient, modular and automated machine: the Salome 660-MA.

The Salome is a horizontal platform based on rotary drum technology. It allows detergent companies to quickly produce multiple, complex products at high volumes and with less waste.

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High-Volume, Multi-Compartment Pouches

The Salome handles the forming and filling of multi-compartment pouches with ease. Your pod design is transferred to the moulds placed on the machine, and our precision dosing systems guarantee that every compartment receives the correct filling.

Continuous Acceleration of Production Speed

Newer generations of our Salome platform are already the fastest in the market and we keep investing to accelerate production speed. However it's important to note that the output depends on the type of filling used and the shape of the pouches.

Continuous Production as Standard

An automatic splicer has been placed on the Salome to switch rolls as soon as one roll of water-soluble foil is empty. This means the machine operator can safely place a new roll on the Salome while the platform keeps running. As a result, you have increased efficiency in your production.

Create Multiple Pod Types with One Platform

Consumers want new products and brands need to be flexible to meet these demands. That’s why the Salome platform has been configured to produce more than one type of pod design. 

There’s enough space above the drum to switch between fillers, and the drum itself can be replaced quickly by one with a different shaped mould. By switching the drum and adjusting the settings, a new product can be produced using the same machine — saving space, time, and money. 

Main benefits of our Salome Platform

With our Salome machine, you will get a flexible platform which offers you:

  • More time available for the filling systems
  • Integration options for additional modules, such as multiple filling units and new innovations
  • Modification required for specific options are always possible
  • Better control on your entire production process, resulting in best quality output

Configurations + Specifications

The Salome 660-MA pouch-making machine can be configured to produce a wide range of next generation water-soluble foil pouches. For detailed technical information and potential configurations, please contact us.

Technical data
Gel, liquid & powder dosing; Exchangeable drums; Contour cutting; Single Pod rejection; Platform mirroring; Automatic Splicing, Data analytics, Smart HMI and more.
Maximum output
Up to 4500 pouches/minute
Versions available