Compact-M: produce powder or fluid pouches

Compact-M: produce powder or fluid pouches

Compact-M can be configured to produce water soluble foil pouches according following standards

  • PVOH-pods filled with 1 powder
  • PVOH-pods filled with 1, 2, 3 or 4 liquids, in separated compartment
  • PVOH-pods filled with 1 powder and 1 pill (Compact-MI 660)
  • PVOH-pods filled with liquid(s) and 1 pill (Compact-MI 660)

Create your own shape of PVOH-pouch

Compact-M offers lots of flexibility in producing different kinds of shapes. According to the product specification of each pod or pouch, EME Engel creates the precision moulds for producing exactly the right size and the shape of all the compartments in the pod. The shape and design of the pod is only limited by the possibilities of the chosen water soluble foil and fillings. Each foil has its own characteristics, that sometimes interact with ingredients from the filling.

Constant temperature for optimal PVOH processing

The heart of the Compact-M is an aluminum drum with an 817 mm radius. The forming roll on the drum is made of rubber that keeps the temperature of the foil constant and precise at a pre-set temperature.  This is important, because the water soluble foil is very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and moisture.

Make up to 1000 pouches per minute

Beams of moulds are placed on the drum. Depending on the size of the mould a minimum of 35 beams and a maximum of 45 beams can be placed. With 7 to 15 moulds per beam on a Compact-M 660, and a speed of almost two rotations per minute, the Compact-M 660 has an output of approximately 400-1000 pouches per minute. Be aware that the output strongly depends on the type of filling used and the shape of the pouches.

Increase output of pouches with automatic splicer

To increase output, an automatic splicer can be placed on the Compact M-660. This add-on automatically switches rolls, as soon as one roll of water soluble foil is empty. This means the operator can place a new roll on the Compact while the platform keeps running.

Healthy and safe pouch-making machine

The drum of the Compact-M is placed in a closed casing. When opening the doors, the machine stops automatically. This keeps the operators safe. The casing also prevents operators coming into contact with loose enzymes. Although there is no clarity yet about the consequences of enzymes, at EME-Engel we would rather be safe than sorry.

Optimal function in conditioned environment

To function optimally the Compact-M should be placed in a conditioned environment, with a constant temperate and humidity. Additionally the water soluble foil and fillings should be stored under standard conditions. Water soluble foil reacts strongly to changes in temperature and humidity influencing the quality of the pouches made by the Compact-M.

Technical data
Versions available
200, 330, 660 (compatible with size of PVOH-rolls)
Change-over time rotating drum
15 minutes
Extra options
automatic splicing, adding solid shape (f.e. pill) to pouch