Child-safe products and packages

November 3, 2017
Child-safe products and packages

In September 2017 a new edition of the Keep-caps-from-kids campaign was launched. This pan-European campaign is an initiative by the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (AISE).

To support this goal, EME-Engel and Tricas have come up with practical solutions to improve child safety in pouches, made of water soluble foil.

Options to make pouches and packaging save

The solutions of EME-Engel and Tricas are applicable to the pouches itself and to the secondary packing. Think of a label attached to the pouch, easy to remove when adding the pouch in the machine, and different kinds of child safe packaging solutions.

Produce safe products in high speed

Our aim is to make it possible to produce and package child safe liquid and/or powder pouches in high speed production. We are looking forward to discuss all possibilities with producers of detergents and other fast moving consumer goods.

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